Bradford Sound Artists

Come curious and we’ll supply the coffees and conversation to a new fortnightly meet-up at Fuse Art Space for people that work with sound and those that might want to.

In association with Play Music, we are inviting people of any level of ability, hobbyists and career musicians alike, to join us on alternative Wednesday lunchtimes and evenings.

Multi-channel sound

Fuse is home to an eight speaker ambisonic set up which is available for people to use.

Read about our recent artist talks using the system:

Bradford Sound Women Network

There is some cross over between Bradford Sound Artists and the Bradford Sound Women Network. They also meet at Fuse Art Space on the first Saturday of the month.


Our meetings are usually held at Fuse Arts Space on the:

  • FIRST Wednesday of the month at lunchtime, and
  • THIRD Wednesday of the month in the evening.

Upcoming meetings/events

  • Wednesday 3rd May 2023, 12pm - 2pm
  • Wednesday 17th May 2023, 5.30pm - 7.30pm

Bradford Sound Artists is:

  • A place to talk about how you use sound as art/performance
  • Or to ask questions so that you can start
  • It’s a resource sharing opportunity. We can read, watch films together, and listen.
  • We can organise field trips, like doing location recording around Bradford District

When & Where?

We will meet fortnightly one lunchtime and one evening each month on Wednesdays at Fuse Art Space, 7 Rawson Place, Bradford BD1 3JP. We might also meet at other locations around the Bradford district if we organise a field trip which could be closer to where you live or work

How much?

Coming to the meetups is free, thanks to Fuse offering its space to us. We expect you will get yourself to field trips under your own steam but if the group organise it, we could seek funding to cover some of the cost for attending field trips.

What do I need?

Come with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge. It is a group for all comers and we’re certainly not experts, just amateur enthusiasts. Equally, you don’t need a load of expensive gear to participate. For example, phone microphones are perfectly fine to do location recordings. We do have some access to ‘professional’ equipment which you will be able to try within the group from time-to-time.

How to stay informed?

If you are interested in coming, you can just turn up. If you’d like to though you can let us know you are interested in any one of the following ways: Email:


  • Cyclic Sounds

    Join us for an evening of live music celebrating cyclic sounds…

  • Reflections

    Today we reflected on the evening we improvised and performed with each other. As it was our first time doing this as a group, it was exciting and interesting to see what would come out of it. We tried to recreate what each other was doing in our minds and realised we remembered quite a lot - where people were and what they were doing - but not entirely the details - what instruments each of us played and what we were playing.

  • Improvising to video

    At the last meeting we decided we would have an evening where we tried to improvise sound as a group to random videos.

  • Effects/Effective

    Since the start of the year we’ve met a few times to do a number of things and discussed a bunch of stuff…

  • End of Year Gathering

    Our end of year meeting was a chance to meet up, reflect, and have some fun.

  • Winter plotting

    Three of us met up to plot and plan for the coming year.

  • The Curious Incident of the Intellect

    We were treated to a preview of a short work-in progress performance by Lucie Lee Sykes, Charlotte Wetherall, and Lewis Hackett at the meeting today.

  • Sharing

    Just three of us today at the regular meeting, so we took the opportunity to set up a shared Google Drive folder, and train our selves on how to use it.

  • Bus News

    Great to see that Shabina Aslam’s sound art installation Bussing Out was featured in the Guardian the other day.

  • Tech Talk : Ben Eyes

    Celebrating the launch of FUSE’s in-house ‘Diffused Sound System’ - a re-configurable 8-channel speaker system - we invited two artists to talk about how they use multichannel sound in their practice.

  • Bussing Out

    We met earlier today at Gallery II, Bradford University, to experience Shabina Aslam’s sound art installation Bussing Out.

  • Multi-channel Sound Workshop - Sophie Cooper

    This event was to celebrate the launch of FUSEs in-house ‘Diffused Sound System’ - a re-configurable 8-channel speaker system.

  • Second Meeting

    Our second meeting was held on Wednesday evening on the 21st September 2022. We shared some sounds…

  • Day One

    Eleven people answered the call to gather as Sound Artists at Fuse Art Space on Wednesday.

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