Three of us met up to plot and plan for the coming year.

We also had a lof of general chat that covered a bunch of topics, some of which are collected below:

A Sense of Place in Binlgey - a collective listening event.

Cities and Memory - Obsolete Sounds - Obsolete Sounds is the world’s biggest collection of disappearing sounds and sounds that have become extinct – remixed and reimagined to create a brand new form of listening.

Eavesdrop - Eavesdrop is a sonic nature trail taking place in the Yorkshire town of Otley over the summer of 2021

Otley Woodcock Walk - A “poetry trail” celebrating the iconic woodcock, a bird synonymous with Otley and the town’s history.

Ideas for Sound art and Bradford2025 - capturing the audio from the year, as you might with photographs; woking across the entire district; what are ‘Bradford sounds’;

Do we need to constitute as a defined group to be ready for 2025?

Homework - maybe we should be setting ourselves tasks that help us engage in our practice. E.g. record ‘transport’ for next time. Bring some audio that has had delay/chorus/etc applied.