We were treated to a preview of a short work-in progress performance by Lucie Lee Sykes, Charlotte Wetherall, and Lewis Hackett at the meeting today.

The performance blended movement with motion capture technologies in real-time (using ManusVR) and projected images that created a hybrid performance space with real-time sound manipulation (using Isadora Software).

The work itself poses the question, “How the body knows and what it means to have calmness in the body?” and tells a story of Tara’s intellect and intelligence, where both body-mind and emotions play a part in finding calmness in her body. However, she needs help from her friend Wilma, a virtual intellect, to discover how to do it.

As an audience interested in sound in particular, and with expertise in the room around motion sensors, sound, and movement, we were able to share back our thoughts, opinion san ideas, that may be used to shape the work in future.

Following the performance we use the time to talk sound, and to find out about each other, and the new people that had turned up on the night.

A reminder that the Bradford Sound Women Network meet up - Bradford Stitch & Glitch - Mixing & Editing will be the next ‘sound artists’ event on the 3rd December 2022.