Altered Lane

Bradford Sound Artists is:

  • A place to talk about how you use sound as art/performance
  • Or to ask questions so that you can start
  • It’s a resource sharing opportunity. We can read, watch films together, and listen.
  • We can organise field trips, like doing location recording around Bradford District

When & Where?

We will meet fortnightly one lunchtime and one evening each month on Wednesdays at Fuse Art Space, 7 Rawson Place, Bradford BD1 3JP. We might also meet at other locations around the Bradford district if we organise a field trip which could be closer to where you live or work

How much?

Coming to the meetups is free, thanks to Fuse offering its space to us. We expect you will get yourself to field trips under your own steam but if the group organise it, we could seek funding to cover some of the cost for attending field trips.

What do I need?

Come with an open mind and a thirst for knowledge. It is a group for all comers and we’re certainly not experts, just amateur enthusiasts. Equally, you don’t need a load of expensive gear to participate. For example, phone microphones are perfectly fine to do location recordings. We do have some access to ‘professional’ equipment which you will be able to try within the group from time-to-time.

How to stay informed?

If you are interested in coming, you can just turn up. If you’d like to though you can let us know you are interested in any one of the following ways: Email: